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Our Approach

Our Mission...

One Child,
One Teacher,
One Book, and
One Pen can change the world...
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The purpose of Friends of the Eagle School is to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

We prioritize and expend our funds primarily through grants to support construction, programs, activities, and scholarships at the Eagle School in Haiti and elsewhere.

Our grants include, but are not limited to, school construction and remodel projects, school programs and activities, student scholarships, and other such programs that enrich the cultural, scientific and literary heritage of the school and its students.

Our Story

Our Story

Hello,  I am Ray Peterson of Winthrop, WA. and my wife is Avis Peterson.  We are the founders and directors of Friends of the Eagle School.

We met Fanel Leme in 2011 while he was an interpreter at the Hands and Feet Childrens Village in Jacmel.  Later, when Fanel started the Eagle Kindergarten, we became interested in his efforts and started supporting him with donations over the years as the school grew.

In our visit this year during March 2018, we became very interested in a project for expansion of two classrooms for the Eagle School.  We worked with Fanel on creating a project budget of $5000 for the expansion and I created a GoFundMe to help raise funds for the project. The fund raising was successful and the project was completed in June!

During the GoFundMe, it became apparent to us that Fanel and Eagle School needed a more formal long term solution to raising funds and we decided to set up a charitable corporation in July 2018 that was also federally tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) to help support projects and students at the school.  We now have that organization in place.   🙂


Thank You,

Ray Peterson